Introducing TouchCast


A walkthrough of our iPad App.

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Experience the Web Inside a Video.

TouchCast is a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web.

Let the Power of the Desktop Unleash Your Creativity

TouchCast for Desktop brings powerful new features to video producers, including a more robust compositing engine, multi-camera support, video import, and Hot Spot creation.

Or Go To New Places With Our Mobile App

Forget post-production. TouchCast's unique authoring environment allows you to effortlessly add
anything from the web, images, and other interactive features into your video in real-time.

A TV Studio In Your Hands Or On Your Desk

Now there is a camera for the internet.

Professional Camera Controls

Turn your iPad or Desktop into an HD video recording device.

Switch between the front- and back-facing cameras on the iPad or between multiple HD cameras on the Desktop

Say goodbye to all those "uhms" with built-in teleprompter.

Switch instantly between front- and back-facing cameras.

Adjust focus and mic levels.

Import video and place vApps and graphics over the existing video.

Bring The Web Into Your Video With Video Apps (vApps)

Embed any website directly into your TouchCast, keep it fully functional and navigable while being displayed.

Choose from over 15 vApps to add photos, videos, maps, polls, news feeds, and more directly into the video.

Encourage viewers to give feedback while they watch by creating engaging polls, ratings, and comments.

Your TouchCast, Your Style

Choose from a variety of effects to personalize your TouchCast.

Set the scene: Use the green screen feature to remove the background and replace it with whatever image or video you want.

Add a filter: Individualize your look with more than 12 visual filters to choose from.

Make it sound great: Add applause, laughter and other sound effects.

Video Drawings

Whiteboarding and telestration tools let you draw on the video and capture the result.

Draw and write directly onto the video or add whiteboard / chalkboard backdrops.

Choose the color and surface, and scribble away.

For a more exact layout, use the text tool.

Prepare multiple boards to display or draw on while recording your TouchCast.

Broadcast Graphics

Pick from a menu of customizable titles or create your own.

Set a timer and decide how long the title should remain onscreen.

Ready To Roll

Pre-set themes make it easy to populate a TouchCast simply by typing in a topic.

Select a theme to record a NewsCast, Sports Cast, Review, How-To, or Travel Diary.

Themes come prepared with titles and vApps so you can get rolling right away.

Our Secret Sauce: vApps

TouchCast is a platform for a new class of video apps or vApps.
that combine the look and feel of TV graphics with the interactivity of the web.

Lean back and Touch

vApps Engage Your Audience

TouchCast makes the language of TV come alive. On playback, touch a graphic to browse a related article, image, or content from the web. The video will keep playing while your audience engages with the vApp.

The Video is the Web.

Explore a variety of vApps, including maps, twitter streams, headlines, photo galleries, and live polls that allow viewers to vote simply by touching the screen. On the desktop turn any part of the video into a clickable hot spot. More on the way: TouchCast is built to support anything the TouchCast developer community can dream up.

Learn more about developing vApps and help us build the video web.

Download and Start Casting.

TouchCast is available for the iPad today and soon for Desktop and professional broadcast studios.

TouchCast is available for the iPad.

Download TouchCast today
from the App store.

TouchCast is now available
for Desktop PCs

For Windows 7 or 8 with i5 chips (or faster)